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My first translation ^o^ Yey xD
Although there are most probably a lot of mistakes, I think I got most of the context :D
Well, some parts I didn't really get, so I would appreciate any kind of correction :3
It was fun to translate this interview of Yamada :D It was a good practise, because my japanese is still not so good^^°
Scan credit to hanarok

(blue are my comments :D)

Yamada Question & Answer from Margaret 05.11.2010

Profile: Yamada Ryousuke – born on 09.05.1993. hometown Tokyo. blood type B. Member of the popular Johnny's group Hey!Say!JUMP. Nowadays, the Live DVD Hey!Say!2010TEN JUMP is released with high reputation. Also, as a member of the 3 person Unit NYC, their single Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe is going to be released


Q1: Recently, the thing you felt thankful about was?

Usually I'm thinking that of everyone (meaning, he is thankful to everyone). Because I'm a person who can't be alone. I'm thankful to my family for all the everyday commodities/personal belongings, and because of the sweet times i had with JUMP, I'm thankful to JUMP, too.
As for school because I get various help from the teachers, I probably am thankful. Of course I'm also thankful to all the fans,ne!


Q2: What are the moments when you thought „this is happiness~“

When I'm eating meat. Recently I ate yakiniku for 3 days straight. After all, for a while it becomes good, I thought, ne.


Q3: Recently the thing you got annoyed over was?

Yesterday, the rain was enormous. Because I have curly hair, my fringe became winded and I got annoyed. In the morning I desperately used the hair iron *laugh *


Q4: How would you reward yourself for hardworking? (I'm not sure how to actually translate this xD, this is the best I could come up with ^^°)

Going to Korea for 2 Nights/3 Days. Because I've never been there I want to try going there. If it's possible I want to go with the JUMP members,ne. I think that definitely would be fun.


Q5: What is the difference between the idol „Yamada Ryosuke“ and the normal „Yama-chan“?


Maybe the level of sparkling. This is the shadow of illumination *laugh *. (← I don't really understand this. I think he means, that the Idol Yamada is really sparkling, but his normal him is not as sparkling and therefore the shadow, or something like this xD) It gets brightened up. Because the normal Me is not that sparkling. When it's raining and my hair gets wet I still become droopy. (I'm not really sure with this translation, If someone could check this, I would appreciate it :3)


Q6: Which single Kanji character describes you?

Nothing(無)! No matter in what colour it is coloured. It's still uncoloured(無色).
But It's not being unemployed *laugh * (that's actually a play of words, because uncoloured (無色)and unemployed (無職)have the same reading (mushoku))
Although I don't change my personality, If it's the case, I would immediately change the colour to adapt. (← I don't really get this sentence, sorry. He says: 人柄を変えるってことではないけど、その場その場で色を変えて、臨機応変に動けてるほうかなと。)


Q7: If you hadn't entered Johnny's, what kind of work would you want to do?

I wanted to become a soccerplayer, but becoming a kindergarden teacher would also be good. Because children are cute. (Aww :3 I could totally imagine Yama-chan as a kindergarden teacher >//<)


Q8: How do you want to call your girlfriend?

It's ok not to use any suffixes (like -chan, or -san, etc.), if that's possible. Something like OO-chan is... embarrassing.


Q9: How do you want to be called by your girlfriend?

Ryosuke. She can call me Ryo-kun, but not Ryo-chan. (Thanks to yuirin for correcting)


Q10: If you could choose being born as a boy or a girl, which would you choose?

A boy. Because I'ts fun right now.


Q11: What is your ideal plan for an autumn date?

I want to try it [going on an autumn date], yo *laugh *. I want to walk together, hand in hand. With this immediately we sit down on a bench, in a park or the like. At this time I want to wear a muffler. A mokomoko warm one (←it seems to be a special fabric like in this picture thanks to[info]zachii26 for explaining^^). Then when it gets cold, I will lend it to the girl. If possible I wish for her to come lightly dressed *laugh *


Q12: If you were a girl, which Hey!Say!JUMP member would you date?

Maybe Dai-chan. Because it it fun to just normally play with him (he says 遊ぶ which can either mean to play or to enjoy yourself^^). With Dai-chan's warm, hearty way, an atmosphere like this is comfortable *laugh *. If I would go on a date with him? It would be karaoke, wouldn't it *laugh * Because Dai-chan would immediatly say „Let's go to karaoke“ *laugh *


Q13: What if you win 300 million Yen in the lottery? (300million Yen is about 3 660 000 USD)

I would save 90% of it. With the remaining 30million (about 366 000 USD)? So much remains~.
I would go to Korea *laugh * When I go to Korea I would immediately go to the most famous yakiniku selling place (he really seems to like Korea and Yakiniku xD). But, also if I eat till I'm full, It would only be about 20000 [Yen] (~240USD)...
Ah, I'll try going to a beauty salon. If you think of Korea it would probably be beauty (not so sure about this). But still, there would be remains [of money], ne *laugh *


Q14: What is your position inside your family?

If there is for example Idol, artist, actress and actor, the family is about to divide, I'm the artist.
It's the responsibility of laughing/making laughs, ne.
Tou-chan (Daddy), If I say what would he be, he also is artist, kaa-chan (Mum) is probably actress. With this, because Nee-chan (older sister) is more like a boy, she is actor, my younger sister is probably actress...


Q15: A point to look out for in the highly commended Live DVD „Hey!Say!2010TENJUMP“!

It's the whole. Rather than telling a point to look out for, I wish you watch it all. If I'm forced to give one? There is this song „Ganbaretsugo!“ that is sung by Hey!Say!7, but at the time when 7 is singing it on Stage [Hey!Say!] BEST are in the back of the stage where the clothes are changed, they are having fun without any reason (Big thanks to [info]yuirin for helping) , this really startled me when I watched the DVD. While the tension is really high and act violently (again thanks to [info]yuirin for helping out :3) I wish you can understand my surprise *laugh *

Comments and corrections are loved :3 Reposting is ok, you don't have to ask, but please credit ^^

Maybe I will try to translate Yamada's Halloween assosiation game from Margaret too xD It looks fun^^


Woah, It's been some time since my last entry xD
A lot of stuff happened :D The most important one was, that my Hey! Say! JUMP Concert DVD finally arrived *_*
I swear, I love this DVD :3 I've watched it for 5 times minimum...
And it's over 3 hours long O.O Although there is written that it's 'only' 176 min it is actually 3 1/2 hours *_* And I love the backstage scenes, although I didn't understand everything, but I got the point xD So cute :3

I wrote my Math-exam last Tuesday... And we already got our grades on Thursday O.O Our teacher is always really fast O.O And on Monday I will write Latin Exam -.- That won't turn out as good as the math exam xD And on thursday I have english exam and then finally autumn's holidays start on friday... I really do need them... xD

Well, what else? The new Fahrenheit Album is released... I still have to order it :D But I like the new songs, although some of them are... weird and I have to get used to them first xD I hope one of their songs will be the Opening/Ending to Arrons new Drama 'Gloomy Salad Days' (Oh how I LOVE this title xD)
I really can't wait for this Drama *_* Finally new Arron Drama to watch *_* Arron *_* xD
I hope it will get subbed soon :3 First ep. airs on 09.10.2010 :3 Can't wait :3

While speaking of Dramas, at the moment I'm watching the drama 'playful Kiss/Mischievious Kiss'
It's an Korean drama (my first one btw xD) and it's the drama adaption of the Manga Itazura Na Kiss. There also was a Taiwan Version of this drama, which is widely known as It Started With A Kiss =3
Since I loved ISWAK and the sequel They Kiss Again I also love this version *_* The story is just too cute and the actors are really doing a great job :3

Well, now I really don't know what to write anymore xD

The Story You Don't Know

Lately I'm really addicted to the song 'Kimi no shiranai monogatari' by supercell *_*
It's a cute song and the PV is really cute and has a cute little story to it :3 I super love PVs w/ storys :D
As far as I understand it's about a girl liking this boy in her schoolclub (an astronomy club I think xD) but one other girl/a friend of her likes him too.
He asks the girl to go with him to a festival but she refuses knowing that her friend likes him too and so he goes with her instead...
But in the end he kind of has to leave (he's on a train) and he gives her a Popsicle, she once lost with something written on it (I can't regocnize what) and in the end she goes to the place where the two of them once met and throws the popsicle into the sea...

That kind of sounds very confusing to me xD Sorry for that, I'm bad at telling storys xD
But It's a really cute song :3 And I just wanted to tell you about it :D:D


More icons xD

As I said in yesterdays post I made some NYC icons :3 This time I used actual magazine scans instead of screencaps, so they are a lot better than the last two xD (In my point of view^^)
I don't remember what magazine it was, just that it was a September issue xD
I kind of like all the icons, I also use a few of them :)
So here we go:

http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/9113/chiichan.jpg http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/3090/chinen.jpg http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/9215/chiid.jpg

http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/8653/chinenyuri.jpg http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/9319/mcute.jpg http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/8126/schinen.jpg http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/7138/schinenrahmen.jpg

http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/3971/surprisey.jpg http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/8024/surpriserahmen.jpg http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/7608/yamadaf.jpg http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/3103/yamadarahmen.jpg

http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/1056/yamadaryosuke.jpg http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/1478/yamadaryosuke2.jpg http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/2606/yamadaryousuke.jpg

http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/8648/syuma.jpg http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/7758/nakayamayuma.jpg http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/5335/yumarahmen.jpg http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/3526/yumaj.jpg


So, that was it xD I hope you did like a few of them :D
And as always, feel free to use, but don't claim as you own^^
Comments are appreciated, I want to improve... =D

New icons~

So, I've made a handfull of new icons :3 Well, they aren't actually new, but I was just to lazy to post them xD I did them sometime in August...
There's no real improvement from my last icons (http://m0m0kit.livejournal.com/1413.html) and still there is no Chinen xD But I'm working on a few NYC icons at the moment, so there will be more Chinen :3 I will be posting them tomorrow or some time xD
Some Icons of these are VERY bad, a total fail (e.g. The Yama-chan Icon >//>) but I'll post them anyway, so here you go:

Those are the old ones from sometime in August xD (Not really that old -.-) My favorites are Yabu's My Everything and the 'Because they are BEST' Icon :3
Here are a few newer ones (and from magazine Scans instead of Screencaps xD)

Only those 4 xD The third one is my favorite, and also my userpic xD
About comments I would be really happy, I know I'm bad, but I want to improve :3
Also, feel free to use, if you like these, but don't claim as your own^^
I will post the NYC icons some time tomorrow when I finished them :3

Tokyo DOGS

Takakura So witnessed his father's murder at a young age. Pledging to catch the killer, he grows up to become an elite cop in New York City, where the criminal lives. His character is cool-headed and disciplined, yet adapts well. Because of major drug dealings, he gets sent to Tokyo to conduct a joint investigation with the Japanese police. There, he gets teamed up with, Kudo Maruo, a detective from a special investigative division. Kudo is a hot-blooded fighting expert due to his earlier days as a delinquent, but he makes a strong impression with his stylish appearance and is always interested in going on group dates. His personality, interests, and investigation methods are completely mismatched with Takakura's, but the two somehow work together to crack the case they've been given. [source: dramawiki]

Well, I've just started watching this Drama xD But I really like it :3
I really like action dramas anyway and in this one there is also a lot of comedy and I like that xD
It's hilarious how Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro (I just can't remember the names xD) have their word fights, although they are at a crime scene at the moment or arresting/catching a culprit xD
And also Oguri Shun always beeing called by his moment when he's in an investigation... It's just hilarious I think xD Also the humour in this drama is at some times very exaggerated, it's still great and funny xD
I love the two main characters, but I fail to describe them xD You just have to watch, to catch their charme :P
Also, Yuki (the girl in the Cover) is a very cute character :3
She lost her memory and is now living with the two cops for safety reasons xD

Well, I'm really excited for the other episodes (I'm on episode 4 now :3) But I'll have to wait for tomorrow to watch the next, no time for that -.-

Ah, and I finished a new bunch of icons (actually I finished it 2 weeks or so ago but I've been to lazy to upload :P) I've got no time now, but I will upload them this evening^^

Yey :3

Yeah, I did it :3
I just ordered my copy of Hey! Say! JUMP's new concert DVD Hey! Say! 2010 Ten JUMP *_*
I can't wait for the 15th September to come :D:D
This is the Setlist:

Dreams come true
トビラの向こう (Tobira no Mukou)
冒険ライダー (Bouken Rider)
瞳のスクリーン (Hitomi no Screen)
Endless Dream
輝きデイズ (Kagayaki Days)
スクールデイズ (School Days)
真夜中のシャドーボーイ (Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)
Star Time
スクール革命 (School Kakumei)
Romeo & Juliet
蜘蛛の糸 (Kumo no Ito)
おと (Oto)
Dial Up
ゆめのタネ (Yume no Tane)
勇気100% (Yuuki 100%)

ガンバレッツゴー! (Ganbaretsugo!)
ス・リ・ル (Su-Ri-Ru)
Ultra Music Power
Hey! Say!
情熱JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)
Your Seed
Born in the EARTH
夢色 (Yume Iro)
Romeo & Juliet

2010年5月16日 京セラドーム大阪 ライブ映像
Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP”ツアードキュメント

This will be my first HSJ Concert DVD =3 I can't wait!

Son of sexy Love :D

So, last Monday, I went to Düsseldorf and bought the Hey! Say! JUMP Photobook *_*
I know, I'm a bit late, the Photobook has been out since forever, but money is rare xDD
Well I couldn't really look at the photos, since I went on vacation shortly after I bought the book xD
But now I did, and I LOVE it!!!
It's so awesome <3 The covers alone (the back and front cover, not the one on the jacket cover) are awesome *_* 7 on the front and BEST on the back :RBheart:

There's a small poster inside. One side shows HSJ in front of the concert venue in Sapporo, and the other site shows a great photoshoot of those ten boys *_* I want this picture as my Wallpaper, but I haven't found it yet :RBcrying:
They all look so handsome in this shot :RBheart:
Well, the photos inside are also very very awesome *_*
This Photobook made me want to go to one of their concerts even more... :RBcrying:

There is a big Solo picture of every member...
Yama-chan looks so beautiful in his :RBhalo:
And Chii's is so cute *_* So awesome cute :RBheart: :RBhalo: :RBhalo:
Dai-chan looks so cute in his 'Kimi to boku no Future' Sailor Suit costume xD
Hikaru got 3 smaller pictures on 2 pages instead of one on 2 :D And he's sweating a lot in one of them xD
Takaki looks like Tegoshi! No, seriously... He really looks like Tegoshi in one of the pictures... When I first saw it I thought it was Tegoshi xD
But, he looks hot! And, OMG, during the JUMP Band, Hikaru didn't wear a shirt *_* :RBohNo: :RBohNo: And Yabu looks so good with a guitar :RBohNo:
Inoo is cute as ever and just Inoo ;D xD
Oh, and Keito *_* I LOVE his costume during his Solo babylon :RBheart: this necktie with the british flag is <3 :*
Ryutaro is a cute, genki little boy and he SO made me fall in love with him xD <3<3
Yuto... Yuto's hair was too long at that time... Yabu's too, but Yutos was just way too long... But him on the drums is hot xD
And Yabu... Yabu's photo nearly made me cry... I don't know why xD

I haven't worked myself through the MC pickup... my japanese is still bad... So this will take a while xD
Oh, and I love HSJ costumes :D :D Or more the T-shirts they're wearing and whats printed on them :D :D
Ryutaro had a Shirt with 'Hung like a Bull' written on it :D :D
And Dai-chan wore one with 'Song of sexy Love' wich I first thought was 'Son of sexy love' xD which I think is waaay better :D :D
Takaki's Shirt read Paris London Berlin :D Yabu's: Pray for Sure
And Yuto's something like Never Coming Back... I think xD

The photoshoot pictures are LOVE and totally awesome and I'm so in Love with Ryutaro xD
Chinen's hair was kinda strange, but I love him anyway xD

Their were pictures of the goods sold at the concert with prices, and I discovered, that I would have spend over 5000 Yen if I would have been there xD Note to myself, If I ever go to a HSJ concert, I'll take lot's money with me xD And a bagpack xD

I also saw lot's of Member Ai :RBheart: Sadly very few YabuHika :RBsealed:
But I saw two very cute YabuChinen pictures xD And YamaChii :RBheart:

The Message DVD was also awesome :D They all were so genki and crazy xD Very amusing xD

All in All A great Photobook and it was so worth it's money :RBhalo:
I can't wait for the new concert DVD od Hey! Say! 2010 Ten JUMP Concert*_*
I wanted this concert to be released on DVD, the Shadow-thing they were doing looks interesting xD
I think I will preorder it... This will be my first HSJ Concert DVD *_*
I can't wait :D :RBheart:


Haha, I was bored and played around with Photoshop... :D
So I did some HSJ! icons based on Screencaps from performances or Shows...
It's my first time making icons and honestly I have no idea, how to work with photoshop xD
So the icons are pretty bad, but somehow I like a few of them :D

If anyone reads this, please tell me what I can do better :D
I want to improve =) Because it is actually quite fun ^o^

Somehow it's a lot Ryutaro and very few Chinen... My Chinen screencaps always turn out blurred xD
Oh and also, because my vids aren't in a good quality (can't play HD :'(  ) the screencaps aren't either so the icon quality is also not the best xD

Well, I talk and talk but actually I have nothing really to say xD

01  02  03  04 

05  06  07  08

09  10  11  12

My favorites are No.3, No.6 and No.8 and dorky-Hikaru @ No.11 :D:D

If you like them feel free to use :3 xD You don't have to credit, just don't claim them as your own (but I don't think anyone would want to claim this... >.<)

Well, jaa ne :3


Thoughts on JUMP NO.1

I'm really anticipating JUMP No.1 but all I can do is wait for now xD And to waste some time I will write down my thoughts on the tracklist of JUMP No.1 in chronological order xD
Here's the tracklist...

01 DREAMER (Lyrics: Yabu Kouta)
02 INFINITY (Lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru; Piano: Inoo Kei)
03 瞳のスクリーン [Hitomi no Screen]
04 真紅 [Shinku] (Lyrics: Yamada Ryosuke)
05 ガンバレッツゴー! / Hey! Say! 7 [Ganbaretsugo!]
06 情熱JUMP [Jounetsu JUMP]
07 すまいるそんぐ [Smile Song] (Lyrics: Chinen Yuuri; Tambourine: Morimoto Ryutaro)
08 Memories
09 Dreams come true
10 Time (Lyrics: Takaki Yuya; Arrangement: Arioka Daiki)
11 Score / Hey! Say! BEST (Lyrics: Yabu Kouta; Rap Lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru)
12 Your Seed
13 アイ☆スクリーム [Ai☆Scream](Lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru; Music:Yaotome Hikaru; Guitar: Okamoto Keito)
14 真夜中のシャドーボーイ [Mayonaka no Shadow Boy]
15 Dash!! (Lyrics: Nakajima Yuto)
16 Ultra Music Power
17 Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ [Thank You ~bokutachi kara kimi e~] (Lyrics: Hey! Say! JUMP)

Well, let's start chronologically with DREAMER =) I think it's a great Song title and fits Yabu :) Until now all Songs written by Yabu have been my favorites, so I'm positive for this song ^^ And, because its the opening to their Album, Hey! Say! JUMPs Album, I'm also positiv that this one won't be a solo song ^^ Although I wouldn't mind Solo Songs, but I want to have more HSJ songs =3 Since it is HSJ's Debut Album =3
INFINITY... I really cannot imagine how this song will turn out xD
Knowing Hikaru it could be everything, a ballade, a total crazy song or another normal HSJ song xD But Inoo is going to play the piano in it and I'm really looking forward to live performances of this song :3 I loved it when he played the piano in Star Time on Shounen Club :3
I've nothing much to say to Hitmoi no Screen and the other singles, because we already know this songs and there recorded Versions and they are good xD No more to say to them, therefore I will skip the other singles... =)
Next song would be Shinku from Yamada. This is the song I'm mostly concerned about whether it is a solo song or not because if there are any Solo Songs, there would certainly be a Yamada Solo. But we will see :3
Well, that Ganbaretsugo! and Score are there is no surprise xD I don't mind it at all, because both songs are very good and Score is one of my favourites so I'm looking forward to the recorded Versions of both songs :)
Same goes for Memories and Jounetsu JUMP, both great songs, especially Memories :3
Well I wrote about Chinens Smile song a few days ago, so I won't repeat myself now xD
I'm really looking forward to next month Shounen Club and the live Version of Time =) I read somewhere that it's a rather slow song, but as I haven't heard it yet I don't know if that's right, but it certainly isn't a solo song :)
With Hikaru's 2nd song I really don't know whether to read it Ai Scream or I Scream, but that's just typical Hikaru, I bet this song will be rather crazy (but hopefully not as crazy as Nounai Dance xD) And Keito will play the Guitar in it :3
As for Yuto's Dash! I hope that this song will be more like his Solo Uruwashi no Bad Girl, more rock xD the Title Sounds like that to me =D
The last one is written by all of Hey! Say! JUMP and I really hope that each member will get their solo lines :33

I want to have the Album NOW >.<
Well, guess I will have to wait though xD


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