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It's "OVER" xD

Well, I guess everyone of you heard about it already, but now that it's official confirmed I want to take my chance to flail and share my thoughts about it xD


Well, so Hey! Say! JUMP announced in their concert on 05.05.2011 in Yokohama Arena, that their 7th Single „OVER“ will be released on June, 29 2011. B-Side tracks will be 愛 ing -アイシテル- (Aishiteru), Screw and ユー・ガッタ・モール (You Got More ?). I'm pretty excited about this :3

I wasn't too surprised with the announcement, because it had been time for a JUMP single again^^ In my Post about Arigatou ~Sekai no doko ni itemo~ I said I would expect a Single in April/May again... Well... Not really hit it, but I think June is still quiet close and with the great earthquake in March there may have been some postponements...

Anyway xD

There has been an Fan-recording of OVER from one of there Concerts around. As expected it's not really High Quality, but from what I heard it sounds like it will be a nice song and I definitely will like it. :D

As for the B-Side tracks, I'm really happy with the choice!

Especially Aishiteru! I really love the song, and even some of my friends, who are not even listening to japanese Music, said that it's really catchy and that they like it :D

I'm really happy for Screw, too. For different Reasons! First of course because it's a nice song, and Second, because it's a BEST song, and it had been long overdue, that a BEST song gets released on CD (Apart from the album :P) as 7 already had Kagayaki Days on Hitomi no Screen, so I think it's only fair that BEST gets their share too :3

I would have already be happy with those two songs and a new JUMP song... xD

But, I also like You got more, or whatever it should actually translate to, so I will look forward to this one too :3


So, all in all I'm really excited for this release, especially since a new Single, always means a new PV and with that hopefully a PV making *_* (And hopefully a longer one than the last :3)


I still hope there may still be a second album this year somewhere around autumn/winter, but maybe I shouldn't stick my hopes too high xD But I go for another JUMP release this autumn, may it be just another single or a DVD or such... xD


Oh, and while speaking about JUMP singles, I recently ordered myself Dreams Come True limited Edition & Ultra Music Power First Press Limited Edition. They were really cheap, even cheaper then they would have been new... But well, they are in used condition^^

They arrived today, and now I'm watching Dreams come true Making Of, although I already know the subbed version, but as expected it's different, watching the making on laptop or in HQ on television. Haha

And I'm really happy that I got UMP First press, because of Too Shy :D I love the song, so I wanted to have the CD by all means :P

And, Other then that, I also ordered KAT-TUN's WHITE single, Limited Edition with DVD as well as Myojo June, because of the cute NYC bag :3

I can't for the full WHITE PV to be released, it looks really great :3



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May. 6th, 2011 03:22 pm (UTC)
I can't wait once their single reach my country I will buy it haha
May. 6th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
Haha, me too :D
I think I will preorder it, as soon as the preorder links are opened :D
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