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Thoughts on Hey! Say! JUMP's new Single :3

Wooohooooo *dances happily*
A new Hey! Say! JUMP single is goung to be released *_* on December 15 to be exact! :P

I'm so excited =D This is the first Hey! Say! JUMP single release since I became fan ( yes, I know, I'm a total newbie xD i became fan somewhere around May, if I remember correctly ^^° lol).
Well, anyway, the single will be titled "Arigatou - Sekai No Doko Ni Itemo", which is a very nice, but way to long title to always write it out, so I will cut it short to "Arigatou" from here on =)

The single is described to be a hard-dance-tune, which for me can mean anything between Your Seed and Time xD
But as I liked both Your Seed and Time that should be okay :)

The single is going to be released in two versions, a limited Edition and a regular Edition. The limited Edition comes with a DVD containing the PV and Making Of footage as usual, but only contains "Arigatou" & the karaoke track.
Regular Edition costs slightly more than the limited one, but contains no less than 8 tracks - Arigatou of course, 3 B-Side songs & karaoke tracks of all 4 songs.
One B-Side will be FLY , which I personally like very much, since I saw it beeing performed at the 2010TenJUMP concert DVD, so I'm really looking forward to the recorded version =)
The other two songs are still undecided, or at least untitled.
I personally think, they should include a BEST song this time. Last time they out in a 7 song - Kagayaki Days - so this time I'd really like a BEST song *_* Onegaishimasu! *_*
I could imagine Johnny's to include a BEST as well as a 7 song, but no 7 song alone, because they had their song recorded last time...
My ideal content would be a BEST song (new or old, doesn't matter xD) and a New HSJ song *_*
This is what I would like the single to include xD But actually I don't have that much hope...

I am really really really excited for this single, and I can't wait to listen to it, and am very excited for the PV as well *_* I'm curious about how the covers will turn out to be and which songs will be included in the single in the end ^^

Although I was quite surprised by the sudden announcement of a new single, I'm obvious really happy about it xD
Actually I did expect the next single to be released at the beginning of next year earliest...
But seing how "fast" HSJ releases have been this year (compared to the last year and the year before, not to sempai-groups xD) I kind of expect (or hope for) the next single to be released about April/May next year maybe, and if I'm really optimistic, I would go for a second album next year in autumn obut that would be thinking to far and noone can predict what Johnny-san is up to anyway... xD

So for now I'm more that satisfied with the new single release and am really looking forward to the TV promotion it'll bring with it (Shounen Club, Music Station, Heyx3, Music Hour, Ousama no Brunch, etc. ) and seeing JUMP as a group together because that just really makes me happy =)

lol, I'm off to school now xD

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